Take Part in EduCade LA

By Lucien Vattel

When I founded GameDesk my goal was to completely rethink education and make serious learning fun for as many students, teachers, and families as possible. With the launch of EduCadeLA, our living laboratory and classroom of the future, the GameDesk team and the great Los Angeles community will be able to see this dream to full fruition.Our past successes have shown solid metrics. We have built a multitude of successful in-school and out of school programs in L.A. We have built educational games and technologies with national reach, and we’ve have launched our own school. The PlayMaker school opened its doors in the fall of 2012. But this is not enough. Everybody should have the opportunity to experience the value of this way of learning. We also need to support more organizations that are doing their own unique work in this field.While cultivating a vibrant community of thinkers and doers, EduCadeLA will link playing and making to serious learning and industry relevant fields of study. In EduCadeLA’s tech-infused environment, kids will be developing deep connections and understanding with critical subject disciplines through fun, yet rigorous experiences.Our nation and our city need to see this vision realized more than ever. One in five students in the Los Angeles Unified School District drop out and of those who remain, only 62 percent graduate. And, only a mere 15 percent of our city’s graduates are eligible for admission to the UC and CSU systems.By bringing together the city’s educational innovators, we can instigate positive change in the city we love. Drawing upon what L.A. is best known for—its rich talent pool of artists, media makers, academics, and burgeoning tech scene, EduCadeLA will serve as a nexus of collaboration and change.We are hosting series of educational events up until our official mid-year launch that will capture many of the centers’ unique experiences. I invite you to join us at EduCadeLA!

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