Game Jam at Stanford Design School

Creativity.  Collaboration.  Experimentation.  These are all components of a Game Jam where game designers, program developers, entrepreneurs, and tech gurus come together and rapidly build a new game from ideation to completion.

As part of its upcoming ReThink campaign, GameDesk is hosting a Stanford Game Jam event in partnership with the Institute of Design at Stanford and the Pearson Foundation.  The goal is to pair the usual Game Jam suspects with teachers, students, engineers, and edtech wonders interested in how gameplay can better engage students in the classroom and serve as a tool to bridge the educational divide.  Also a part of E-Week, this Game Jam will celebrate the entrepreneurial mindset essential for new games and new teaching tools to come together and ReThink education through play.

This twelve-hour event is sold out, but you can be a part of all the gaming, playing, and making this Saturday, March 2, by following along on our Facebook page.  We’ll post the teams and their game concepts for you to comment on and share your wisdom from afar.  We believe knowledge and new ideas should be shared with everyone, so please spread the word, participate in the jamming madness though Facebook, and help us ReThink education!


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